Wooden Bed Frames

Wooden bed frames remain one of the top choices for bed frames due to their timeless aesthetic design and durability. Besides, they come in wide array of functional designs that will surely fit your style preferences and needs. Options are quite endless with wooden bed frames.

Wooden Bed Frames

Investing in quality wooden bed frames could be relatively expensive than other bed frame types. However, the extra price you pay very well compensates for the restful sleep that you will not get from the wobbly and squeaky sounds made by metal frames. If you are on a tight budget, do-it-yourself wooden bed frames are the perfect solution to having quality bed frames at affordable costs. Generally, DIY projects entail huge savings on the cost of labor. Aside from that, you can tailor your bed frame design and specification according to your particular needs and preferences. Above all, you will be assured of the quality because you will personally select the materials and construct the frame. If you are planning to do DIY wooden bed frames, here are some important aspects you should consider beforehand.

Decide on the measurements for your bed frame

Select your bed frame size. If you are upgrading your bed frame, let's say from queen size bed to king size bed, then make sure that it will fit into your bedroom prior to building it. After all you may end up building a wooden frame that will not fit into your room, thus wasting your money and effort. Before buying the materials and lumber, you must decide on the measurements of your bed frame. You need to measure the bedroom space as well as make a visual representation of the bed frame size and its location inside the room. Make sure that it will not get in the way. Also determine the height of the frame from the ground. This dictates the measurement of the lumber you will use. A good choice is to use 2-inch thick lumber.

Patterns and materials for your wooden bed frame

Find different bed frame patterns. They are normally in the form of step-by-step wooden bed frame building instructions which can be found at home improvement shops within the locality. Or, you can personally design your wooden bed frame project by letting your imagination and style preferences work. Once you already have the design buy the needed materials. Oftentimes, you need to buy 2x8 boards for the bed. If you will build queen sized bed frame, you will need two 80-inch long boards and two 60-inch wide boards. After which gather all the tools which include wood screws, circular saw, drill and plywood, as well as paint or polyurethane for finishing touches. You can opt for pre-cut woods available at home improvement shops and rent circular saw in case you don't have one.

DIY wooden bed frames are really cost-effective ways of making your bed more comfortable. What's more, you can put your style preferences into the frame that will perfectly match with the look you want for your bedroom.