White Bed Frames

People have differing preferences in terms of bed frames. But there is one bed frame that has endlessly captured the hearts of many - the white bed frames. The color white works perfectly well with almost all color schemes and bedroom décor. Using white bed frames on your light-colored bedrooms effectively enhances the relaxing and comforting feel of the room. On the other hand, it adds a dramatic contrast to darker rooms.

White Bed Frames

If you are considering furnishing your room with white bed frames, you should know the various types, styles and materials used on white bed frames, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Considerations in using white bed frames

When designing your bedroom with white bed frames, several things must be considered beforehand. These include the bed frame size, style, and type. Besides you also have to consider the build materials used in white bed frames as it affects the durability and pricing of such frames.

  • Types and Styles – The market carries lots of various white bed frame types which include platform beds, sofa beds, bunk beds and futon beds. Each has a unique form and functions more than just for sleeping. For instance, some types allow for storage underneath which further maximizes your bedroom space as in the case of storage beds with drawers on the sides. While other types allow for more than one person to share the room, such as in bunk beds. Therefore, know what you want for a bed frame in your bedroom.
  • Build materials – Diverse materials are used in the construction of white bed frames. Wood and metal are the basic components. Wood types may be made from wicker, cherry, oak, mahogany, maple and pine among others. Of these materials, wicker is commonly used as it is recognized to be very strong and versatile. Pine, meanwhile, is inexpensive and durable. Oak is best if you want a robust frame with superb grained finish.

If you prefer more affordable white bed frames, then go for those made with metal. Metal frames are comfortable and casual. Aluminum is one of the most common metals used. This gives the bed frame an amazing look at lower cost.

Advantages of white bed frames

White bed frames offer several advantages. For one, it enables you to put some life into the ambiance of your bedroom. This is especially true when coupled with other white bedroom furniture pieces which further enhance the brightness of your room. The white color makes the area appear roomier and tidier. Besides, it adds up to the comforting ambiance every time you step into your bedroom, which is perfect both for young and old alike.

Disadvantages of white bed frames

Let's admit it; white is prone to dirt and stains making maintenance truly a struggle. But remember that most white bed frames are made from wooden materials for which treatments are readily available. In addition, you have to incorporate that with regular dusting, waxing and polishing to preserve its pleasant look.

White bed frames are versatile choices for your room. From a breezy, relaxing atmosphere, to a high-impact color contrast, white will surely serve its purpose.