Used Bed Frames

If you're on a tight budget and need to replace your old bed frame, you can opt for used bed frames. Aside from replacing your bed frame, you may have to spend for new beddings, blankets and mattress as well. That is why used bed frames are good choices to allow for these other needs. But you need to be careful to ensure that you still get quality bed frames even at a bargain.

Used Bed Frames

Materials for used bed frames

Bed frames are usually made from wood, metal and faux or composite materials. The materials being used will dictate the pricing of bed frames. In the case of used bed frames, the prices are greatly affected not only by the material, but by the age, size, conditions and some other considerations as well.

  • Wooden frames – These use various types of wood and finish which efficiently complement the interiors of any bedroom especially with wooden flooring and wooded furniture pieces. Besides, it provides an elegant look to the room.
  • Metal frames – Basically considered as the sturdiest and long lasting bed frame type. Bed frames of this type demand less maintenance compared to wooden type but they simply do not hold their value well. However, this may change over time because modern style and material choice for new metallic bed frames show little to no changes at all.
  • Faux frames – These refer to laminated composite materials that mimic the look of authentic materials. A pressboard that has light mahogany veneer, for instance, will be rendered as faux mahogany. Although laminated materials can mimic the artistic look of authentic wood to some extent, it is not sturdy enough. This inferior strength relatively offsets its reduced price.

Considerations in buying used bed frames

  • Styles and designs – Some styles of used bed frames are uniquely classical yet this must not overpower other important features you must consider like the weight the frame is capable of holding as well as the height of the bed once the mattress is added.
  • Dependability – You must figure out beforehand the capability of the used bed frame of holding the stress and weight of the occupants. Else, you may end up breaking the bed frame and causing injury to the occupants, making it an unwise and dangerous choice.

Precautions with used bed frames

Be vigilant when buying used bed frames by inspecting their quality and condition. The wooden materials should not feel malleable. Whereas the metal must not appear to be on the edge of twisting or breaking. Laminated frame should feel dry and not brittle. Better yet, never purchase a used bed frame without seeing it beforehand. Know that there are various reasons behind selling those used bed frames and sometimes, the real motive is dubious. Oftentimes, they are put for sale because they have damages which can be covered up by simple metal works or carpentry.

Overall, don't compromise quality to price when shopping for used bed frames. This way, you get to have the bed frame your bedroom needs at an affordable price.