Twin Bed Frames

Twin bed frames have been rising in popularity in many households today due to their functionality and affordability. They are commonly used in children's bedrooms and preferred by most households because they are comfortable and can be installed and stored away easily.

Twin Bed Frames

Twin bed frames not only help you get better sleep but save bedroom area and money as well. This type works best in bedrooms with limited space such as in children's bedrooms. It comes in various stylish looks which can complement the overall interiors of the room. What's more, some twin bed frames are made with headboards, footboards and drawers with light affixed on it. But before you hunt them down, you must arm yourself first with vital information about this type of bed frame, including sizes, prices and overall appearance.

Sizes of Twin Bed Frames

Twin bed frames are also known as single bed frames. It has a dimension of 39 inches in width and 75 inches in length. Actually, this is the standard size of a twin bed frame which is enough for single person occupancy. Twin size beds are fine for kids but taller kids and adults may find the length of the bed inconvenient. But with the availability of XL twin size beds that measure 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length, these are enough to cater the needs of taller occupants. Over-sized beds are popularly used in most of college dormitories, while some households combine two twin size beds forming a king sized bed.

Styles of Twin Bed Frames

Twin bed frames come in different styles. Here are some of them.

  • Classic twin bed frame – this is available in wooden and metal finish featuring springs running along the length of the bed.
  • Loft and bunk twin bed frame – the bunk bed style provides extra sleeping space over stacked beds, while a loft bed provides additional space on the lower bunk which can be used for dressers, cabinets and desk.
  • Trundle twin bed frame – this is another space-saving bed frame in which the trundle resembles a drawer, usually with wheels, and can be stored under the bed.

Prices of Twin Bed Frames

One good thing about this bed frame is its price. They are offered at very affordable prices which only mean that you can have them anytime you need them. Besides, you can find customized twin bed frames that are especially designed for children occupants which come with high-quality railings for safety purposes to ensure that the child is absolutely safe every time he is in bed, but most especially when sleeping.

Stylish look of Twin Bed Frames

Children will surely love to sleep and play on top of the bed because they not only feel secure, but also enjoy the look of the bed frame. This type of bed frame is offered in stylish and vibrant designs perfect for children.

Twin bed frames definitely make good choices for bed frames that both children and adults will surely take delight in.