Trundle Bed Frames

Do you want to increase the sleeping capacity of your limited bedroom space? Look no further as trundle bed frames will do the trick. Trundle beds are great space-saving furniture pieces and many households have been using them especially in children's bedrooms.

Trundle Bed Frames

Trundle beds refer to the type of bed that comes in pairs and functions together, though not all the time. Trundle bed frames are composed of two bed frames. One is slightly smaller than the other to allow storage under the larger bed. The trundle (or the lower bed) is made with casters or rollers and is slightly smaller than the upper bed, thus allowing it to be slid and kept underneath. Trundle bed frames are very efficient for limited bedroom space since it allows more sleeping capacity with the extra space readily available just under your bed. You can find lots of trundle bed frames in the market these days, hence, making it hardly difficult to shop for. However, you need to consider some pointers when buying them. A good start is learning the different types of trundle bed frames as well as some buying tips.

Types of trundle bed frames

  • Wooden trundle bed frame – If you want a classic look for your bedroom and save space at the same time, then, wooden frame makes the perfect choice. In fact, the first trundle bed frames sold in the market were made from wood. They are durable and have a wide array of designs, and they bring nature's beauty into the room. However, the disadvantage of wooden frame is the maintenance. It demands more maintenance compared to its metal counterparts.
  • Metal trundle bed frame – They are available in different bed sizes and considered as the simplest type of metallic bed frame. They are made with casters and sits low, thus allowing easy moving around. Besides, some have metal strip at the middle for additional central support. Aside from less maintenance, metal trundle bed frames tend to be cheaper compared to the wooden type. Still, you should not compromise quality for the price, which only means you should examine the bed frame carefully.

Tips on buying trundle bed frames

True, there are plenty of choices available when shopping for trundle bed frames. Yet, it doesn't mean that you just simply grab whichever you first lay your eyes on. Consider these two factors.

  • Quality – Given that you've already decided on a particular design and style, you need to scrutinize the quality. This is very important because purchasing this bedroom furniture is considered a long-term investment. Thus it only makes sense to choose high-quality bed frames in addition to comfortable sleeping.
  • Storage Space – Anticipate whether you will use the underneath storage space or not. You may buy twin trundle bed with storage or high trundle bed frames to permit storage space underneath.

When considering this information, give careful thought on what you really need. After which, you will end up buying the trundle bed frames that perfectly suit your needs.