Solid Bed Frames

When shopping for bed frames, you usually go for solid bed frames. It's an investment that you want to last for a very long time. Some, though, are reluctant with this type of bed frame as they normally carry a hefty price tag. But considering the quality and comfort it brings, it's worth the price.

Solid Bed Frames

These bed frames are designed to effectively support the mattress and keep it off the ground. In return, this makes getting in and out of bed a whole lot easier and comfortable as you don't have to stoop low when doing such. Besides, adjustable solid bed frames are available which are specially designed for those with special needs or suffering from certain illnesses like arthritis, back pain or even recuperating from an injury. These bed frames have automatic adjustable settings which can be programmed according to your own comfort.

Solid bed frames are available in different sizes and styles to cater to various needs. Yet, they are commonly offered in the form of solid wooden and metal bed frames. The designs range from classical to modern intricate bed frame motif.

Materials for Solid Bed Frames

Wood and metal are the materials commonly used in bed frame construction as they are primarily made to last long. Let us consider them one by one.

  • Wood

    Bed frames made from wood do not have wheels or casters but legs, and often higher compared to their metal counterparts. For some types, supplementary storage is included as in the form of drawers underneath. Some styles feature intricately designed carved posts and corners to further enhance the decoration. Others, meanwhile, are created with lower legs and able to support box spring and futon. The beautiful yet cost-effective finish makes wooden bed frames look elegant.

    Wooden solid bed frames styles vary from simple and traditional to modern and classy. Solid frames could even be painted according to your preferences. In terms of cost, wooden frames are somewhat costly but will definitely last long and could even be used by the next generation.

  • Metal

    Bed frames made from metal are remarkably solid bed frames. Oftentimes, they have wheels or casters for easy moving around as they are somewhat heavier compared to their wooden counterparts. However, the style can be manipulated into more artistic shapes and designs which is why many favor having metallic bed frames. Creating sophisticated swirls and curves are easier with metal and have become the trademarks for metallic frames. Besides, they come in different types according to the metal used in their construction. Steel bed frames, for instance are quite popular among consumers and they are notably sturdy, thanks to the fact that steel is notably hard. Just like the wooden frame, they can also be painted according to your taste.

When shopping for solid bed frames, anticipate what you want in a bed frame based on your budget, taste and preferences. Make sure that your choice of solid bed frame fits into the room and works well with the rest of the bedroom decors.