Sleigh Bed Frames

If you want to sleep like royalty, then use sleigh bed frames. As the name suggests, it resembles a sleigh. It is typically made from solid wood with beautiful intricate curves that exude elegance. Sleigh bed frames are an all-time favorite type of bed frame due to their lovely and distinctive design. Besides, you can find a wide variety of gorgeously designed sleigh bed frames from different furniture manufacturing firms.

Sleigh Bed Frames

Sleigh beds are delicate-looking with curly-shaped headboards and footboards, more or less like a letter S. They were first introduced on the early part of the 19th century. Possessing a very classic design, this type of bed frame can be transformed to become a modern one with only minor modifications. Furnishing your bedroom with this type of bed frame will surely be a rewarding investment.

Designs of sleigh bed frames

Sleigh bed frame designs are extremely unique that exude attitude, thus, making it different from other bed frame designs. The sleigh-like bed frame structure is synonymous with royalties during the ancient times providing a touch of elegance in any room it adorns. Moreover, the sleigh bed's headboard is somewhat larger against the footboard; although both have curved tops undulating outwards. Besides, it provides a wonderful look for the bedroom due to their luxuriant natural twirls and flourishes with their beautiful rolling edges in stark contrast with the block designs and sharp lines of other styles of bed frames.

Different Types of Sleigh Bed

  • Wooden Sleigh bed – this type is basically made from tropical darker hardwood although lighter wood are also used but are stained darker. In most cases, pure dried hardwood is used to warrant strength and durability. Finishing touches are done by hand, giving it a richer look.
  • Metal Sleigh bed – another type is leaned towards the conventional style in which the kind of metal being used has an effect to the appearance, weight and even strength of the bed. At times, the wooden and iron sleigh frame achieves the modern look. It is the finest choice if you want your bedroom to exude the contemporary style.
  • Leather Sleigh bed – this type offers an elaborately luxurious look making a welcoming statement in your bedroom. With its various styles, you will certainly find one that matches the vibes you want your bedroom to exude.

Sleigh Bed Frame Sizes

Sleigh bed frames are also available in different sizes to suit different bed mattress sizes which include King size bed, California King, Twin size bed, Full size bed and Queen size bed. Oftentimes, the sizes have slight differences with every manufacturer, so it is better to confirm the dimensions yourself to make sure the frame and the mattress are perfect fit for each other.

As much as you want to have sleigh bed frames for your rooms, you must ensure that you give allowance for other expenses like beddings, blankets and bed sheets. For sure, you wouldn't want to have clashing concepts in the interiors of your bedrooms. Make sure that your choice of materials for sleigh bed frame display the look you want.