Slat Bed Frames

Slat bed frames are good choices if you want the combination of style and value. This type of bed frame is famed for the superb support and comfort it provides for your bed. Unlike other bed frame types, it is capable of supporting the mattress even with the absence of box springs.

Slat Bed Frames

About Slat Bed Frames

Bed frames serve as support structures for the bed mattress. They come in different sizes, shapes and styles yet they all share the same function, and that is to support the mattress of your bed. Slat bed frames serve this purpose really well with stable slats forming the platform to contain the mattress in place. Because the mattress rests directly on top of the slats, the mattress will not sag. If you're comfortable with sleeping on top of a firmer surface, then a slat bed frame makes a fine choice. In fact, those with back conditions or posture problems benefit from this bed frame.

Slat bed frames are built with headboards, footboards and slats placed parallel in between them. They are widely used in European-style bedrooms as well as on most of vintage bed frames. Take note that slat beds have integrated bed frames, which means the bed frame is built right onto the bed that supports the bed mattress. Besides, slat beds are not created for box springs but to support bed mattresses. And because slat bed frames provide a more solid support, it is essential that you pick the more supportive bed mattress. You must choose a mattress that works well with the slat bed frame design.

Value for your Money

Slat bed frames come in various styles that range from the classical to contemporary. So you have plenty of options to choose from. People choose this type of frame due to their value. Because you do not have to buy a box spring, you get to allot more money to buy a high-quality bed mattress. Moreover, this bed frame type offers additional storage space underneath, thus, allowing you to maximize the space of your bedroom. This is true for regular slatted platform beds since they are so constructed to have clearance between the platform and the floor. They may also be made with drawers on the sides for more storage space. This space can be utilized to books, linens, toys and other things from sight. In fact, many are using them for their children's bedrooms because of their space-saving benefits. Just keep reminding your children though to avoid jumping on top of the bed as slat bed frames do not have springs making them susceptible to breakage.

Furthermore, slat bed frames' simple structure is easy enough to be done by yourself even if you are not a professional carpenter. DIY slat bed frames are available with easy step by step instructions, thus, letting you save more when shopping for them.

Slat bed frames are versatile. They offer sufficient mattress support, comfortable sleeping space and even storage space. It also does not hurt that they are reasonably priced and quite stylish. Indeed, these bed frames are good buys.