Single Bed Frames

Single bed frames are widely preferred and used in children's rooms as well as in guest rooms. They are good choices for rooms with limited area primarily because they just cover a little amount of space. They are the smallest sized bed frames sold in the market these days measuring 39-inch wide and 75-inch long, just enough for a kid's built. This frame also goes by the name twin bed frames because they were originally sold in pairs.

Single Bed Frames

Shopping for single bed frames is not too difficult as they have plentiful supply in the market. What make selecting a bit confusing are the numerous styles and assorted designs available for single bed frames. It is helpful if you know the different kinds of single bed frames as well as the benefits you will get when you choose this type of bed frame.

Kinds of Single Bed Frames

  • Wooden– This is a popular choice among the different kinds of single bed frames. This is because assembly, carving, treatment and coating of wood are easier. In fact, painted wooden frames are available in various colors which make it an ideal choice for children's rooms since they perfectly reflect the vibrant personalities of children and younger occupants. Aside from that, you can also find leather wood frames which are highly preferred by older individuals as well as those who want a more sophisticated and classy look for their bedroom.
  • Metal– This is normally made with intricate designs that entail a lot of hard work and craftsmanship. As a result, the bed frame exudes a rich look perfect for modern bedrooms. They are durable and can be painted just like wooden frames.

Why Choose Single Bed Frames

  • Affordable – Because they are made in small sizes, they are the least expensive. Of course, when you buy bed frames, you also have to buy beddings and single bed frame beddings including blankets and sheets are relatively cheaper and come in a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Space-saver – Since it is the smallest bed frame, it only covers small space. This proves to be advantageous if the room cannot house larger bed frames. That is why they are widely used in guest's and children's rooms.
  • Various options - Since they are available in different types, you will definitely find the type that will suit the interiors of your bedroom and cater to your requirements. Some have casters to make them easier to move around. Majority, though, are made with reliable legs for safety purposes to prevent it from moving to and fro while somebody is on it.

Single bed frames are practical and virtually the best option for bed frames intended for children's use.