Simple Bed Frames

You need not spend too much on your bed frames because cheaper alternatives are readily available, like simple bed frames. As the name denotes, it comes with a simple frame design and can easily be purchased from the nearby furniture store. But you also have the option to build it yourself. Yes! If you're a do-it-yourself enthusiast, simple bed frames are good choices as they are simple enough and do not require any special skills that anyone can do it. Moreover, DIY frames will enable you to modify your bed frame to correspond to your taste and preferences, provided that you enjoy doing some metal or carpentry work. Besides, it becomes a priceless item when you create it with your own hands and creativity. So, if you're contemplating on making simple bed frames at home, consider these factors beforehand.

Simple Bed Frames

Materials for simple bed frames

These frames are often made from wood or metal. Wood for instance, can be easily cut and shaped according to your bed frame plan. Besides, you can use environment-friendly, sustainable wood materials like pine or bamboo. On the other hand, if you want more durable simple bed frames, then go for metal frames. True, making them may entail harder work but it can be rewarding and enjoyable as well most especially if you have a background in metal works. You can fashion it according to your imagination.

Simple bed frame colors

Regardless of the materials used on simple bed frames, either wood or metal, you can paint it to complement the interiors of your bedroom. Wood, for one, can be smoothened with sandpaper and coated with natural color- from clear which gives your bed frame a more natural look to deep brown for a more contemporary feel. After all, any paint color will perfectly work on wooden and metal frames to match your bedroom motif. You need to use glossy-type of paint though for added durability and appearance.

Simple bed frame styles

Simple bed frames can be made according to your style preference. You can make it simple by making a simple platform structure. Or if you prefer more elaborate styles, you can try four poster bed frames. You can even build a metallic canopy bed draped with curtains for your little girl. Certainly, it is important that you consider the occupants when making simple bed frames. However, if you want the modern feel, then the platform style suits you best. All you need is some plywood for the structure and frame. Also, you can make some storage drawers underneath.

Advantages of simple bed frames

These frames have plenty of advantages over more elaborate types. One, they are very affordable. Aside from that, they are easier and faster to make and require minimal materials. Because these frames have sleek and clean lines, they are also helpful if you want a minimalist look or a low profile bed so as not to dominate your bedroom.

If you want to save money on your bed frame, then, go for simple bed frames. You can shop for it or build your own.