Queen Bed Frames

In the olden days, beds were regarded as luxury. Only the upper class can afford to have them, especially the huge beds. But today, big beds are accessible to almost everyone. Queen bed frames, for instance, are among the large types of bed frames which have gained popularity in many households. They are more commonly placed in master's bedrooms and guestrooms.

Queen Bed Frames

Queen bed frames are made to support queen size mattresses and they further enhance the comfort level of the bed. Box spring is usually laid over the bed frame which is typically slightly smaller and rectangular in shape. This structure gives the bed mattress an all out support without the need for center support. Slatted queen bed frames are also available. This type has slats that traverse underneath the mattress, thus, making the bed firmer. Slatted bed frames are preferred by those suffering from back problems as they provide solid platform for the bed mattress. Because of efficient support, the mattress does not sag.

Shopping for queen size bed frames is not that easy as you have to choose the one that has the style and price that suits you. Let us consider some important things when shopping for queen bed frames.

Pricing of bed frames

You may end up spending more when buying a queen bed frame. Even as much as you pay for a box spring and bed mattress. But, this does not need to be the case as cheaper alternatives are also available. In most cases, the differences between the expensive and cheaper bed frames are just the looks, the packaging and marketing strategies that result to larger price margins. Provided that many expensive bed frames are slightly stronger, but not that sturdy to fully rationalize the high price tag. So you can opt for cheaper frames without really sacrificing the quality and durability.

Size of queen bed frames

The standard size of a queen bed frame is 60 inches in width by 80 inches in length. While a California queen bed measures 60 inches by 84 inches and the Olympic queen bed is 66 inches in width and 80 inches in length. Bear in mind that the sizes of queen bed frames slightly differ depending on the bed frame model and brand. That is why it is very important that you pick your bed frame well. Confirm the size yourself by measuring the actual dimensions.

Design preferences for bed frames

There are those who are deeply concerned about the appearance of their bed frames. But when you are in a budget, you can go for average looking bed frames for lesser costs. Besides, whatever the bed frame looks like, it will be covered by the mattress, beddings, blankets and comforters. So you should not be too particular about bed frame designs. Make sure instead that the bed frame is durable.

You can find lots of queen bed frames in the market ranging from luxurious to affordable ones. And unlike in the bygone times, you do not have to be a royal to be able to afford to sleep on one.