Poster Bed Frames

If you are bored with the present look of your bedroom, then there are lots of things you can do to spice it up. You can consider changing your bed frame. The bed frame is more than just a support structure for the bed mattress. It is also capable of turning your plain bedroom into a gorgeous looking sanctuary. Let us consider one popular type of bed frame that will surely make a difference to your bedroom, the poster bed frames.

Poster Bed Frames

Poster bed frames refer to a bed frame type that has tall posts on every corner. This style has been popular dating back to the 15th century. It is preferred to keep the light from coming into the sleeping area and keep it warm. Besides, poster bed frames are closely associated with luxury as it is commonly used in the bedrooms of royalties. What's more, they are also available in wide variety of styles and types with intricate carved designs. If you want a perfect classical, romantic sanctuary right in your bedroom, then use poster bed frames for your bed. Nonetheless, you must first learn that these bed frames come in three different types- pencil post, canopy and 4-poster. Let us consider them one by one.

Types of Poster Bed Frames

  • Pencil Post bed frames – This is the simplest poster-type bed frame characterized by four lean posts, more often in octagonal shape rising from all corners. Although these posts are capable of supporting the smaller frame called tester, they are often used alone and usually pointed going to the top.
  • Canopy bed frames – Upon mentioning poster bed frames, canopy bed frames usually come to your mind. Although pencil post frames with testers can use light textile drape for exteriors, canopy bed frames normally use bulkier materials. Canopy beds are preferred by many due to their accessibility and appearance. Besides, it provides warmth and dark covering for comfy sleeping. Canopy beds closely resemble the conventional Victorian Styles. Since it uses heavier fabric, the four posts must be thicker. Oftentimes, these posts are made as high hollow boxes. Moreover, the tester must also be heavier in which metal, wood or a combination of these two can be used to achieve the preferred impression. Remember that the heavier the weight of the materials, the stronger the joints must be. Specially designed metal connectors are available if you will be using metal canopy bed frames or you may use mortises-and-tenons joinery.
  • Four Poster bed frames – This is the ancestor of poster bed frames. Four poster beds were created to act as a room within a room, which once provided extra covering for drafty fortresses.

Before buying poster bed frames, one important consideration is the height of the room. The posts of these bed frames are quite tall so you have to make sure that they could fit into your room.

If your aim is to give your room some pizzazz, poster bed frames will definitely do the trick. The rich look of these bed frames will lend your room the classic and royalty feel.