Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames consist of horizontal, flat surface to contain the mattress, as well as legs on all four corners to elevate the bed from the floor. Since they have slatted tops to support the mattress there is basically no need for a box spring mattress. One only needs a futon or innerspring mattress to place on top of the platform. Because of this, platform bed frames provide firmer support and surface to sleep on.

Platform Bed Frames

The design of platform beds is more contemporary with clean, simple lines and lower elevation. This makes it a good choice for rooms with modern motif or rooms with limited space as the sleek design and low profile do not overcrowd the bedroom.

If you are planning on purchasing a bed frame, platform bed frames are viable options. The following are some features of this type of frame and the reasons why it is a good choice for a bed frame.

Benefits of platform bed frames

  • Sturdy construction
    The strength of platform frames is renowned. Because of the way the frame is structured, the platform bed is more stable. No matter what your weight is, you will sleep soundly knowing that you are safely carried by the bed.
  • Firm support
    Since platform frames already give ample support to the mattress there is no need for box frames. This results to savings which can be used to buy a very high quality mattress instead. However, for those who do not feel comfortable with firmer bedding, platform beds may not be the one for you.
  • Lower elevation
    Many platform bed frames have lower elevations. This feature comes handy when you want a minimalist or simplistic style for your bedroom. The low bed frame does not cramp the room and also complements other low furniture pieces. This is true most especially for Asian inspired rooms.
  • Versatile
    While many platform beds are low, there are also those that are set high allowing for storage under the bed. Platform bed frames can be built with drawers on the sides for more storage space. Likewise, these frames maybe constructed as loft bed frames – that is, the slatted surface for holding the mattress is built really high to allow for wider space underneath. This space may be utilized for more storage, as a workstation, as a playroom, or extra sleeping area with the use of sofa bed of futon.

Platform bed frames are not complete beds. You need to have a mattress so you can sleep on it comfortably. The following are some of the mattresses that can be paired with platform bed frames.

  • Innerspring mattress – These are mattresses with coil springs within. Foam, coils, batting and some other materials make up the innerspring mattress which has been around for more than 50 years already.
  • Latex mattress – Mattresses made with latex are known to give the right amount of comfort and support to the occupants of the bed.
  • Memory foam mattress – Since it became available, this type has a steadily increasing following. Because it is body heat-activated, the mattress will mold itself around you while you lay on it. The mattress is capable of returning to its original shape, thus the name.

Platform bed frames, paired with the right kind of mattresses, are sure to give you the restful sleep that you need.