Old Fashioned Bed Frames

While contemporary bed frames are the rage nowadays, old fashioned bed frames still have a decent following. The fans of old fashioned bed frames are those who like the luxurious feel and timeless magnificence brought about by antique furniture pieces. In fact, many users of traditional or antique bed frames are those who live in opulence. This is not surprising considering the fact that authentic antiques do cost a lot.

Old Fashioned Bed Frames

However, even if you are not filthy rich, you may still have some old fashioned bed frames in your rooms. Fact is, there is an abundance of antique bed frames in the market and this has made the prices of many of these pieces a bit more affordable. Furthermore, there are different styles of antique bed frames from which you can choose. Some are listed below.

Old fashioned bed frames styles

  • Victorian
    Popular from 1800's to early 1900's, this is distinguished by intricate, plush and ornate designs perfect for conveying romantic ambiance. Antique Victorian beds typically have majestic headboards, meticulous castings and lots of embellishments. Although there are also simpler designs.
  • Sleigh
    Also referred to as the French bed, this became popular in the 1800's. As the name suggests, it resembles the traditional sleigh with sloped headboards and footboards. Authentic antique pieces are made from wood.
  • Art deco
    Popular in 1920's up until 1930's and usually made from brass or iron, this style is cleaner with geometric patterns and sleek lines. These are also available in wood such as mahogany.
  • Mission style
    Unlike other old fashioned bed frames, this style is characterized by simple and sleek lines conveying simplicity and versatility. They are closer to contemporary designs than any other antique styles.

When you have set your mind on having an old fashioned bed frame, all you have to do is find a mattress that fits perfectly since modern mattresses are not generally suited for the dimensions of antique frames.

Finding the mattress for your old fashioned bed frame

  • Customized mattress – Having the mattress made exclusively for your antique bed frame is the best way to preserve the authenticity of your antique. You will not be altering any part of your bed frame in any way, hence, the original beauty and value is preserved.
  • Modifying the bed frame – This is somewhat the opposite of the aforementioned. With this, you will need to change or resize your bed frame by changing the rails to accommodate the mattress. Needless to say, this procedure alters the original state of your antique which will somewhat diminish its value.
  • Leave it as is – This can be applied to old fashioned headboards. You just mount it on the wall and then have your bed attached to it, whether it fits perfectly or not. This lends a do-it-yourself appeal to your bed.
  • Make a replica – There are many manufacturers who make reproduction of antiques but are sized according to modern frames and mattresses. Technically, these are not authentic old fashioned bed frames but only made to look like one.

Old fashioned bed frames is an investment and a statement in itself. So before you buy, make sure that it suits your taste and style perfectly.