Modern Bed Frames

If you are prefer modern bed frames over the other styles of bed frames, then you must have a penchant for simple, sleek and unpretentious lines that exude elegance and class. These are the characteristics that define modern bed frames. Modern styles of bed frames are not ostentatious, but their beauty lies in the soothing, clean lines that help relax the mind and body and leaves a lasting impression of exquisiteness and elegance.

Modern Bed Frames

Unlike, classical or traditional bed frames, which are distinguished by the lavish, extensive and intricate patterns, designs and colors, modern beds are known not only for their sleek lines but neutral and solid colors as well.

Aside from the style, modern bed frames are also quite different from other beds in that they generally do not have footboards and side rails. With only the headboard present for support, the other three sides of the bed are open, hence, making getting in and out of the bed a lot easier.

Types of modern bed frames

There are different types of modern bed frames. Each has distinct features that would cater to the demands of modern living and sleeping. Let's take a look at the various types of modern bed frames to see whether one would suit you.

  • Bunk bed frames - These are best used by children. With the beds designed to be stacked one on top of the other, bunk beds superbly serves space saving benefits.
  • Loft bed frames - They are like bunk beds but with the lower bunk removed. The space underneath the elevated bed may be used for a number of purposes. There are loft beds with workstation, complete with desks and chairs or sofa beds; those with drawers or cupboards for storage; and loft beds with playroom.
  • Platform bed frames – These are among the most popular and common modern bed frames. The mattress is supported by the solid platform and not by springs, thus, the name. There is a type of platform bed frame that comes with drawers on the sides. Known as captain's bed, chest bed frames or cabin beds, they are ideal in optimizing limited spaces.
  • Waterbed frames - They are made to be paired with waterbed mattresses. They are usually heavier and sturdier since they need to support the extra weight specific to waterbed mattresses.
  • Canopy bed frames – Modern canopy bed frames are unlike their traditional counterparts that are made from heavy wood, carved with intricate designs and patterns and carrying heavy, elaborate drapes. The modern type boasts of sleek, clean lines made of wood, metal or a combination of both. Heavy drapes have also been eliminated.

Choosing the right modern bed frame for your room is basically a matter of personal preference. A modern bed frame is quite versatile and can generally adapt to whatever changes the room may undergo – whether new furnishings, rearrangements, or even new colors. The right modern bed frame will lend the room the classy, elegant but comforting ambiance you want to feel and experience.