Metal Bed Frames

A bed is one of the most important purchases one will ever do for his/her home and for himself/herself. The bed is the place where we get our much needed rest and sleep to recharge our spent body. To be able to get all the benefits of sleep, one must be comfortable lying on the bed. Hence, it is imperative that the bed is of high quality and measures up to all the requirements you set.

Metal Bed Frames

In choosing a bed frame, one should consider the materials used to manufacture the bed. Metal and wood are the most common resources utilized to make beds. Metal bed frames are generally the simpler and the cheaper of the two types of bed frames. Headboards and footboards may be attached to these frames. Metal bed frames also usually come in wheels or casters. Likewise, for big beds such as in queen sized or king sized beds, these frames are constructed with metal slats in the middle of the frame to give extra support for big mattresses. Meanwhile, to prevent the mattresses from moving or sliding off the bed, metal bed frames are designed with raised edges measuring between one to two inches.

Why choose metal bed frames?

  • Affordability

    The main and fundamental advantage of metal bed frames is the price. This type of bed frame generally costs less than other types. But do not be fooled by the affordable price, as these bed frames exude elegance, class and sophistication.

  • Durability

    Metal is a very strong material. Hence, metal bed frames are built to last for long periods of time. Modern manufacturing practices that focus on mass production at the least possible costs, though, have resulted to using iron which eventually corrodes. Hence, metal frames made from iron come with anti-corrosive coating to delay the onset of rust. But rust, does happen after a few years. The frame can still be saved though as long as you treat it promptly with a new coating.

  • Variety

    Metal bed frames are available in different sizes – king, queen, full or double and twin or single sizes. So no matter how big or small your mattress is, there is a metal bed frame to support it. Plus, it has raised edges to stop the mattress from moving out of the frame.

  • Stylish

    Before, metal bed frames are equated with plainly simple, clean lines. But with the advent of new technology, metal bed frames have more styles and designs from which you can choose. Manufacturers have assured that beauty does not come by sacrificing durability.

    Furthermore, these bed frames are available in a wide array of colors. From brown, black or white for simplicity and elegance; to pink, sky blue and orange for a more vibrant look, ideal for kids' beds.

  • Portable

    Metal bed frames can be assembled and dismantled easily with the use of screws and nuts. So if you are transferring rooms or even moving to another place, you can easily take your bed frame with you.

Metal bed frames are some of the options available if you are shopping for bed frames. Consider all your requirements and determine if a metal bed frame suits you.