Mattresses and Bed Frames

If you are on the process of furnishing your new bedroom, or maybe contemplating of replacing the old bed, you must carefully consider the suitable mattresses and bed frames for you. It is believed that some of the most significant investments you will make for your home revolve around mattresses and bed frames. It is quite true, actually, taking into account that about one third of our lives are spent sleeping. If we do not choose our mattresses and bed frames well, we may just be wasting that one third without getting the full benefits of sleep. Sleep is one of the body's ways to rejuvenate and recuperate from the wear and tear brought by everyday life. If we are not comfortable with the bed we sleep on, we would not be properly rested.

Mattresses and Bed Frames

This article hopes to give you some pointers on choosing the right mattresses and bed frames.

Choosing the best mattress

The mattress, many believe, is the most important component of the bed. In fact, it is recommended to secure the perfect mattress first before going on bed frame-hunting. A poor quality mattress, no matter how stylish your frame is, will only give you postural problems, back pains and a feeling of tiredness.

  • Interior of the mattress

    Depending on your preference, you may choose from a wide array of mattress interiors. The soft ones are memory foam, spring, waterbeds and latex. Though very plush, soft mattresses can worsen back problems and cause the lighter occupant to roll towards the heavier one.

    If you have problems in posture, the hard mattress is best. This, however, can cause insomnia and uneasy sleep.

  • Exterior of the mattress

    Top quality mattresses are covered with woven viscose or cotton, as they are not only durable, but also allow air circulation. Bonded cloth, polypropylene and polyester are also used to upholster mattresses. These are much cheaper, but of poor quality.

Choosing the bed frame

There are numerous factors to consider when shopping for bed frames. The three foremost considerations are durability, style and cost.

One of the most important things to look for in a bed frame is how long it will last. You must choose one that is of superior quality and will last a long time. It is said that beds should be replaced every ten years, so having a bed frame that will last that long is a plus. Durable bed frames are expectedly costly, but still, there are beds made from brass and iron, with steel supports that are often offered at discounted prices. All you have to do is scout for discount bed frames that are both stylish and durable.

When shopping for mattresses and bed frames, do not forget to inquire about the warranty. The warranty is a good indicator of the quality of the product. Generally, a short time warranty, say 12 months, should alert you that the mattresses and bed frames are poorly made or using low quality materials. On the other hand, a lifetime warranty implies that the maker is willing to back the high quality of the mattresses and bed frames.