Low Bed Frames

Many of the contemporary bed designs render the beds high off the ground. With the addition of extra thick mattresses and beddings popular nowadays, one might even feel the need for a step ladder to literally climb in and out of the bed. If you prefer a bed that sits low on the ground, but not quite touching the floor, then low bed frames are recommended for you.

Low Bed Frames

Low bed frames, or low profile beds, are beds that provide enough support to the box spring and the mattresses, but with a height just enough to clear the ground. Regular bed frames have 7 to 8 inches of clearance from the floor, while low profile beds are 4 to 5 inches off the ground. A low bed frame is considered a complete bed since it consists of a headboard, a footboard and bed rails. The footboard of a low profile bed is generally short, just enough to contain the box spring. In fact, the mattress is higher than the footboard.

Because of the shorter height of low bed frames, this type of bed does not appear overwhelming, especially if placed in a room that is not so spacious.

Materials used for low bed frames

In addition to reduced height, a bed could be made even more low profile by making the style and designs simple. Metal bed frames are the simplest low bed frame there is. Low bed frames made from metal are typically constructed low to the ground with minimalist lines. Indeed, the frame can hardly be noticed unless you peer under the bed.

There are some individuals, however, who prefer to be more stylish and intricate with designs of their low beds, and metal frames are not just stylish enough. Wood is a great material for low bed frames. Wood can be painted, varnished or carved, to make the bed more lavish.

Others, still, have leather coverings to give off that elegant and sophisticated look. Headboards are usually upholstered with leather, with color schemes of whites, blacks and browns.

Sizes of low bed frames

  • King-sized
    King-sized low beds are gaining a lot of following in modern households. This type also goes by the names, eastern king size low profile bed frames, eastern king low profile beds and king low profile bed frames.
  • Queen-sized
    This is a little smaller than the king size, but they are similar in other respects. Wood is the most popular material for this bed size. This is also known as queen low profile bed frame, large double size low profile bed and large double low profile bed.
  • Full-sized
    Those made of wood are the most in demand; but metal or iron are also used to build these low bed frames. The most popular style is the sleigh.
  • Twin-sized
    Ideal for children's rooms and guest rooms, the most popular are made of wood. These are also called twin low beds, twin low profile bed frame and single low profile bed.

Low bed frames may not be for everybody, but they are preferred by those with conditions that make getting in and out of high beds difficult; or by those who like the simplicity and low profile they exude.