Log Bed Frames

Do you have a cabin in the mountains? Or maybe you own a home with a country theme? Whatever the case may be, if you want to have a rustic motif for your bedroom, adding log bed frames will effectively convey the country ambiance you are yearning for. Built from solid wood, these bed frames are sturdy and long lasting. Log bed frames come in various sizes, materials and styles that you will surely find one that suits you, whatever budget and taste you may have.

Log Bed Frames

Sizes of log bed frames

Log beds come in the same sizes as other beds. King sizes are ideal for master's bedrooms and offer the widest space for resting. Queen size beds are a bit smaller. While double or full sizes, and single or twin size beds, are ideal for young people and children, respectively.

Materials for log bed frames

Log beds are made from solid wood, hence, making them strong and durable. There are various trees from which logs can be obtained to make these beds. Pine, white cedar and Alabama hickory are just a few of these. Depending on the material used, log beds look distinct from each other. For instance, if the wood used is smooth aspen, this will give off an elegant and stylish taste to your bed. In the meantime, the elk-chewed aspen, characterized by wood patterns and scars made by elks that chew on the bark, lends nature's innate beauty to the room.

Log bed styles

  • Log daybed
    These log bed frames are much like regular day beds, but made of logs. This bed is constructed with two panels on the side and one on the back. It can hold a single size mattress. Log day beds are multipurpose, as they have found use in apartment bedrooms, guest rooms and offices as sofa beds.
  • Log bunk bed
    Aside from the log construction, this is not too dissimilar from a regular bunk bed. The bed on the lower level is furnished with a futon or even a double sized bed. However, log bunk beds are sturdier. The style of the side rails may also differ. Straight, curved or gate-like are some of the railing options.
  • Log canopy bed
    These beds are most often available in king size or queen size. Like a regular canopy bed, this bed has 4 posts with a canopy frame draped with fabric. Smaller frames hanging over the head are often built on log canopy beds.
  • Log futon bed
    Differing only in the use of log for frames, this bed is the same as futon beds, which can serve as beds at sleeping time and couch for sitting during the day. Log futons are generally available in double-sized beds.

If you have decided that you'd like to have log bed frames in your room, you may acquire them through the following means.

  • Log bed kits. The kit includes the materials, the detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to assemble the bed, as well as pictures to guide you how the bed should look like.
  • Local handyman. You may hire a handyman to build the log bed for you.
  • DIY. You can create your own log bed frames by yourself if you are up for the work.