Loft Bed Frames

If you are thinking of ways to optimize the limited space of your room, then, may I suggest loft bed frames? Loft bed frames are some of the finest space saving innovations for small rooms. They resemble bunk beds, but without the bed on the lower level. Instead, a loft bed frame has the bed elevated high above the ground with a space beneath it. The space under the bed can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on your needs. For example, some loft bed frames has storage space underneath, or a work station, a desk, sofa, or even a place for playing.

Loft Bed Frames

These beds are quite popular among parents who want to provide their children with both a bed and a place to play or keep toys in. Teen and young adults who live in small rooms also find loft beds helpful in providing them a comfortable place to sleep and a workstation underneath, thus saving precious space.

Designs of loft bed frames

Loft beds come in different designs, corresponding to what they are used for. Here are some of them.

  • Loft bed with storage
    Ideal for rooms with limited space, this loft bed frame is high and the space underneath is comprised of drawers where you can store clothes, books, toys, and other important belongings.
  • Loft bed with playroom
    These are best for children's rooms where space is limited. There are designs where the space under the elevated bed is made into tents that serve as indoor mini-playhouse. Pirate ship-themed and princess-themed playhouses underneath the bed are just some of the popular designs of these loft bed frames.
  • Loft with workstation
    Best for teenagers, this loft bed frame makes for a comfortable work area, with enough space for books, laptops or desk tops, and other school necessities. The chair and desk are just the right size for comfort and ease of use. The loft bed is also so structured that it somewhat provides a personal space, which is very precious to adolescents.
  • Loft bed with desk and seats
    This type comes with a small desk and chair where you can do your work or study. Many of these designs are preferred by parents for their children's rooms, as these provide space for sleep and rest and space for study. There are designs that even have the chair convertible to a single bed once the chair is laid flat. While other designs offer swivel stool in place of the chair.

Considerations in buying loft bed frames

  • Bed height. If the bed is for a child, a height of 4 to 5 feet is enough. The bed should not be too high from the ground, but still offers ample space underneath.
  • Ceiling height. There should be a clearance of at least 16 to 12 inches from the bed to the ceiling to allow for enough room to maneuver in. This should be enough for a child not to hit his /her head on the ceiling or to feel claustrophobic.

It is best to do research prior to shopping for loft bed frames to ascertain that you will be buying superior quality bed from a reputable manufacturer.