King Size Bed Frames

Do you frequently move around in bed while sleep? Do you require wider space to be able to sleep comfortably? If so, then king size bed frames would suit you just fine.

King Size Bed Frames

About king size bed frames

King size bed frames are the biggest bed frames readily available in the market these days. A standard king size bed frame, also known as Eastern king size bed frame, has the widest girth at 76 inches and a length of 80 inches. This is ideal for couples who share the same bed but needs considerable personal space while sleeping. But even if you are alone, standard king size is still good for you if having plenty of space is what you need to have a restful sleep.

If you are unusually taller than the average person, then California king size bed frames or Western king size bed frames are better suited for you as they are longer at 84 inches. This type is a bit narrower at 72 inches though.

Since king size bed frames are made to contain king size mattresses, they come with center support slats to better hold up the huge mattress. With the central support spanning the whole length of the frame, the mattress will surely not sag. This also serves to strengthen the frame to support the occupants' weights better.

Factors to Consider When Buying King Size Bed Frames

Give the following information careful thought when shopping for king size bed frames.

  • Know the available bedroom space.

    Measure your bedroom space and make a visual representation of the place where you plan to rest your king size bed and ascertain whether it won't get in your way when moving around inside your bedroom. You do not want to feel overcrowded in your room. Besides, ensure that you can bring the king size bed into your room most especially if your room is located upstairs.

  • Determine the suitable size for your king size bed frame.

    King size beds are available in standard size, California size and European size, with differing size dimensions. As mentioned above, the regular or standard size measures 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, while California size measures 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length, and finally, the European size is 72 inches in width and 78 inches in length. Decide on which type is best based on the bedroom space available and your size preference.

  • Consider your Budget.

    King size bed frames are typically higher priced than other bed frame sizes. However, give allowance for extras like new bedding and new furniture pieces to go with your new bed frame. That is why it must be clear how much budget you can allot not just for the bed frame but for some functional add-ons as well.

Considering these things beforehand will make shopping for king size bed frames quick and easy. You will find the appropriate king size bed frame for your room in no time.