King Bed Frames

The primary purpose of bed frames is to provide the needed support for bed mattresses as well as sustain the occupants' weight. It is essential to pay attention to the bed frame whether they serve their purpose effectively or not. If your mattress is huge, you need your frame to be big and sturdy enough to contain the mattress. King bed frames are big frames intended for king sized mattresses. They are available in a variety of styles and size variations. Before deciding on buying king bed frames consider these important points first.

King Bed Frames

Sizes of King Bed Frames

It is very important that you know the available bed frame sizes for king size beds before buying one. In this regard, know that king bed frames come in three various sizes - namely, regular king size, California king size and European king size.

  • Regular size – This bed frame size measures 76 inches in width by 80 inches in length. Sizes may slightly differ with every manufacturer, that is why it is much better that you personally confirm the dimensions of king size bed frames when shopping around. Besides, add-ons like topper or pad could increase the depth of the bed. If you like this, then you should pay careful consideration to the available choices prior to settling for the appropriate bed frame.
  • California size – This is another type of king size bed frame. This differs from a regular king size bed by four inches. It has a shorter width of 72 inches compared to regular king's 76 inches. Its length is longer at 84 inches, whereas a regular king's length is 80 inches. Because of this, California King bed frames come with slightly different dimensions but still considered as a king size bed. People with extra height can use this type of king size bed frame because it is 7 feet long. Check the king size bed measurements to verify the size.
  • European size – This carries a measurement of 72 inches in width and 78 inches in length.

King Bed Frames: Buying Tips

First, check your bedroom space to ensure that your room can accommodate it. A king sized bed frame has a wider surface to sleep on which gives the occupants more comfort during sleeping. However, if your bedroom space is limited, a king sized bed may cramp the room which makes maneuvering difficult.

Second, consider the cost. The price highly depends on the materials being used on a particular bed frame. At first glance a king size bed frame may appear expensive as its price is usually higher than smaller sized beds. However, when you consider the dimensions and the wider sleeping space it offers as well as the materials used and the craftsmanship involved, you may discover that many king size frames are better deals than smaller ones.

Third, decide on the style that you want. King bed frames come in different styles. Platform bed frames, sleigh bed frames and poster bed frames are some of the available styles for king size frames.

Before buying king bed frames, you must be sure that the size is suitable, the price is worth it and the style is just right for your taste.