Kid Bed Frames

The market is flooded with diverse types and styles of bed frames for adults and kids alike. The choice of bed frame differs with every individual depending on the availability of bedroom space, style, personal preferences and occupants. Of course, bed frames intended for adult occupants are slightly different from beds for children. Hence, if you are shopping for kid bed frames, this article might prove to be very helpful.

Kid Bed Frames

As children grow, there is a rising need for additional bedroom space. You may think of doing some house renovation project to add extra room but it is evidently costly. But buying the appropriate space-saving bed frame is the easiest solution. Fortunately, shopping around for kid bed frames is not as difficult and challenging as you may think; you only have to ensure beforehand the available bedroom space and budget. Besides, you should have some idea of what to expect when shopping around. It basically starts with knowing the different types of kid bed frames as well as learning some useful buying tips. Read on.

Different Kinds of Kid Bed Frames

Bed frames for children occupants come in variety.

  • Single Bed Frame – This kind is relatively simple, intended for one-person occupancy and does not consume huge amount of bedroom space. Besides, it also cost less compared to other kid bed frames which may offer extra features aside from just a kid's bedstead. Granted, you may save bedroom space by using single bed frame, but it may not resolve issues pertaining to storage.
  • Bunk Bed Frame – Commonly referred to as double-deck bed frame that allows you to save bedroom space. Bunk beds are placed one on top of the other, with access ladder on the side so that the other occupant could get into the upper bunk. This is a great way to allow sleeping of two people in stacked beds. However, this does not resolve storage issues.
  • Divan Bed frame – This type of bed frame is made with fitted pull-outs which could be another bed or drawers. For a pull-out bed, it may also serve as bunk bed that allows two kids to sleep over one bed. However, if it is a drawer, then, it provides another storage space for toys, clothes, shoes or other stuff.
  • Cabin bed frame – This is a combination of bunk bed and divan bed which has an upper bunk, while the lower area could be fitted with different functional fixtures such as drawer cabinets, shelves or panels. Cabin kid bed frames is a great way to save space without compromising the style and children's enjoyment.

Kid Bed Frames: Buying Tips

  • Go for customized options because they are relatively affordable and bestow you the discretion to choose the furniture corresponding to your preferences.
  • Choose kid bed frames that are durable and sturdy. If it falls short in any of these criteria, you'd rather not buy it. Take note that the bed frame must have railing and support system for added safety.

Have this information in mind when shopping around for kid bed frames. This will help you find the finest deal that is right for your children's bedroom.