High Bed Frames

Bed frames come in varieties, of which you will surely find one that matches your taste. However, there are conditions may greatly affect your choice of bed frames. It may be that your budget is not sufficient for your preferred bed frame, thus, you settle for another. Likewise, you could be bearing some medical condition that requires rising up your bed, hence, you use high bed frames.

High Bed Frames

The right bed frame will help you get better sleep. That is why it is very important that you choose your bed frame properly, and don't just settle for any bed frame available. You should typically want a durable bed frame that supports your bed mattress appropriately. High bed frames, for instance, has been rising in popularity among the great variety of bed frames sold in the market these days. Let's find out why.

Why Use High Bed Frames

Of course, you choose bed frames suitable for your bed mattress as well as to the available bedroom space. Aside from that, the bed frame must complement other bedroom furniture pieces and contribute to the atmosphere you want to exude inside the room. Find out how high bed frames make a good buy.

  • Storage capability – If you have a restricted bedroom space, high bed frames is the finest choice as it provides additional room for storage underneath and allows you to sleep higher from the ground. This bed frame could be taller by up to 20 inches, thus, allowing you to store your shoe collections, clothing apparels and gift items underneath your bed.
  • Sturdy built – High bed frames are strongly built with hassle-free snap with wedge-lock design making it a robust bed frame and enables easy assembly. Some are built with smooth glide legs ensuring bed frame stability under any circumstances. Some even have casters for easy moving around.
  • Exudes style – If you want a luxurious feel inside your bedroom, then, high bed frames is the answer to that. Sleeping higher off the floor creates a feeling of splendor, thus, helping you to sleep comfortably and more relaxed throughout the night.

Kinds of High Bed Frames

  • Tall Platform Bed Frames – This bed frame stands around 20 inches from the ground, giving extra room for clothes, suitcases and sports equipment under the bed. Besides, it exudes a Japanese-feng shui style room, giving a simple and uncluttered bedroom.
  • High Riser Bed Frames – This type of high bed frame stands by up to 40 inches from the floor, allowing as high as 34 inches of free storage space under the bed. High riser bed frames allow you to store items like toys, filing cabinets, trunks and even mini fridge ideal for adolescents' room. Safety rails could be placed on both sides to ensure safe sleeping especially at night.
  • Loft bed frames – This type of bed frame are widely used in college dormitories and residential halls allowing extra storage for desks, mini fridge and even couches. Just ensure you have enough distance from the ceiling to be able to sit on top of the bed.

High beds have been well-liked by children and adults alike not just for extra storage space but easy cleaning under the bed making the bedroom more pristine. Not surprising why many are shopping around for high bed frames these days.