Futon Bed Frames

Futon originally refers to the traditional Japanese bedding system consisting of a pliable mattress and quilt that can be folded when not in use. During the day, the Japanese futon is either stored away in cabinets or hang under the sunlight, to free up the space so that it can be used for other purposes. The West had adapted futon, but with some very distinct differences. For one, futon bed frames are employed to hold the mattresses. These futon bed frames are constructed in such a way that it can be transformed from being a bed to become a couch or sofa.

Futon Bed Frames

A futon, hence, is a valuable piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose. During the day, the futon bed frames can be adjusted and folded up on one side to make a sofa. At night, when it is time to sleep, the futon bed frames can then be altered to lie flat to metamorphose into a bed. The futon is quite comfortable as it has a mattress or a cushion, firm enough to support the weight, but soft enough that it can be folded.

Types of futon bed frames

There are several types of futon bed frames based on the materials they are made of. Wood and metal are the two fundamental options you can choose from; although, combinations of metal and wood are also available.

  • Wood

    High quality futons are made from strong wood that can carry the weight of the users as well as endure the recurring stresses caused by frequent folding and unfolding of the frame. Wooden futon frames are constructed from wood slats placed closely together. This structure makes for comfortable and efficient support and stops the mattress or cushion from being trapped between the slats. If the slats are not close to each other, the mattress could be squeezed between the slats and the user will be able to feel the bars against his/her back which may result to discomfort and back problems.

  • Metal

    If you prefer metal over wood, make sure that you choose one with excellent welding and superior steel construction. Metal futon bed frames are known to be more affordable than other types of frames. However, the styles available are somewhat limited.

Futon mattresses

A superior futon requires a premium quality mattress. The original futon mattresses were made from one hundred percent cotton and were very heavy, even weighing up to 80 pounds. More current mattresses utilize a blend of poly-cotton and are comparably lighter at 30 to 50 pounds. A high quality futon mattress should be able to provide softness and support at a lighter weight.

Innerspring futon mattresses have also recently entered the market. These mattresses have the advantage of being more comfortable than traditional mattresses. However, they could be a bit more complicated when transforming the futon into a couch. In addition, innerspring futon mattresses are more costly.

There is a wide assortment of futon bed frames and mattresses available in the market. Decide on which is the most comfortable, more easy to use, more budget-friendly and of course, one that fits your style and taste.