Double Bed Frames

If you are about to buy a new double bed frame for your bed, then, don't be hasty as there is a plethora of double bed frames options in the market these days. Do not purchase the one with the cheapest offering. It may sound like a wise move, but wouldn't it be wiser if you consider the available options for double bed frames first? Certainly, it only takes a couple of minutes to consider these options.

Double Bed Frames

Different Kinds of Double Bed Frames

  • Metal Frame – This is the most prevalent double bed frame type available which is made from long metal pieces that rest beneath the box springs to support the bed mattress. The metal bed frame stand is hardly visible, thus, making it an excellent choice for those who want affordable double bed frames that do not override any décor within the bedroom.
  • Platform Bed Frame – This is somehow uncommon because it often does not require box spring. The frame basically serves as the frame and the box spring itself. Platform bed frame usually looks like a huge, box-like wooden platform which could be topped with wooden slats; thus allowing the bed mattress to be placed on top of it.
  • Wooden Frame – This normally consists of headboard, footboard, sideboards and bottom; and comes in different styles to suit any decorating plan. This type is ideal for those who want the traditional atmosphere for their bedroom.

Double Bed Frames: Advantages

The primary advantage offered by double bed frames is their ability to provide sufficient sleeping space for more than a couple of people. Just imagine two people sleeping separately on two beds in one room; that would cover a huge amount of space. Double bed frames, however, effectively maximizes the bedroom space which could be used for other functions. That is why double beds have been produced in great quantity due to the steadily rising demand. Aside from metal and wood materials, faux leather material has been rising in popularity. Moreover, double beds are typically made durable at affordable price tags which are another contributing factor to its growing demand.

Double Bed Frames: Where to Buy

There are two ways to shop for double bed frames:

  • Offline Shopping – This involves visiting different local furniture shops found within your area. Try to visit retail furniture shops and assess the durability and overall quality of their bed frames. If you are pleased with the bed frame quality, then, you may have to bargain it with them.
  • Online Shopping – This may help you get the best deal by visiting different online furniture shops, manufacturer's website and even product reviews by those who have used it. You may also check online comparison sites where you can find varieties of double bed frames from different manufacturers all in one go.

Just remember that when you are shopping for double bed frames for your bedroom; never bargain the quality in exchange for cheap price. High-quality and affordable double bed frames are available; just be patient in looking for them.