DIY Bed Frames

Do you want to save money on bed frames? Then, do-it-yourself or DIY bed frames is the answer to that. Whatever your reason behind replacing your bed frame; time will certainly come that you will need to buy a new bed frame. However, bed frame replacement is no easy task most especially when you are on a tight budget. That is why do-it-yourself bed frames have been the growing trend these days as a cost-effective means of replacing old bed frames. What's more, it does not require that you have broad carpentry knowledge and skills for you to be able to construct bed frames for your bedroom.

DIY Bed Frames

Nearly all home improvement stores sell different kinds of bed frames and most likely among the costly purchases you will ever make for home improvement. But, with DIY bed frames, you need not spend lavishly for your bed frame needs. How so? Well, bed frame materials are relatively cheaper and construction itself is also simple as long as you have prior knowledge about getting measurements, cut and screw. However, you have to measure your bedroom first before making the frame to ensure that your desired bed frame size will not override the balance of your bedroom. Besides, ensure to make the proper bed frame size if mattresses are already available in order to contain it. Now, let us consider some DIY bed frames ideas.

DIY Bed Frames: Slatted Frame

A slatted, low bed frame platform is the easiest do-it-yourself bed frame idea. In doing such, just measure your bed's width and length and purchase six boards of 4-inch hard wood. Select the board that is about 9 to 12-inch wide for finest support; or, you may get a larger number of more narrow boards. Moreover, purchase two 4-inch by 6-inch boards, a little bit shorter against the length of your bed, for your base frame. Then, place the hard wood board on nearly 4 feet distance and put down the boards crosswise with equal spacing. Drill or nail the boards onto the base planks to wrap it up. After which, sand all corners of the planks and varnish or paint them.

DIY Bed Frames: Box Platform Frame

This type of DIY bed frame is ideal for those who don't have box spring and want to elevate the bed to certain height to support the mattress. You only have to take the exact measurement of your bed then purchase two thick, hard boards that are 12-inche shorter than its width and two boards that are 12-inch shorter than its length; the boards' width will be your bed frame's height. With hammer or a drill, fasten all boards in a rectangular shape which will be smaller compared to your bed mattress. After which, put individual boards of plywood which are a little bit shorter against the width of your bed mattress, then nail them. The spare length will support the suspended sides of your bed mattress which are hardly noticeable, giving the notion that your bed is hovering over the platform.

These are just some examples of DIY bed frames ideas. You can find lots of DIY bed frames ideas on the internet which only requires some patience to find the one that suits your needs.