Canopy Bed Frames

If you want a royal look for your bedroom, then, canopy bed frames will do the job. Your bedroom has become your hiding place from the stressful world around you and a comfortable bed is the perfect compensation from your long hours of work. Over time, you may want to make some changes to your bedroom and spice it up. Hence, going back to the medieval ages characterized by curtain draping or canopy is an excellent choice.

Canopy Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames are remarkably elegant. They are closely associated with the bedrooms of aristocrats way back when. Although its popularity has decreased over time, it has become a timeless fashion statement. Just like any type of bed frame, canopy bed frames are also made to support the mattresses as well as its occupants. Thus, they must be strongly built and stable enough to serve its purpose. Today, canopy bed frames come with a wide array of styles combined with modern designs, making it truly desirable. This article will show you why canopy bed frames are worth the try. Read on.

Why Choose Canopy Bed Frames?

First, it enhances the elegance and sense of privacy of your bedroom. Traditional canopy beds have posts on the four corners that will enable the curtain to drape. Curtain draping serves a lot of purpose not just for beautification and style. For instance, it is used to cover the inhabitant from the sunlight that enters into the room in addition to the warmth you feel while sleeping in one. Today, canopy beds are also used in children's bedrooms. This is not just to let them sleep like a prince or princess; but parents are utilizing the huge posts to hang mosquito nets on. Yes, canopy bed frames have already evolved since it was first used.

Secondly, it gives a romantic mood to your bedroom. The curtain in canopy beds makes it standout among the other bed frames. Contemporary curtain draping for canopy bed are made of silk, tapestry, calico, velvet and other sheer materials which gives the bedroom a romantic ambiance especially for newlyweds. Recent addition to contemporary canopy beds are the paneling which could be made from different curtain fabrics with different lengths, color and design depending on the atmosphere you want to convey.


Wood and iron are common materials being used in the construction of canopy bed frames. Today, wrought iron canopy bed frames are prevalent because they are remarkably strong and durable. Although you will still find high-quality wooden canopy bed frames sporting a very stylish look. Wooden bed frames will also make an excellent choice because they are gentle to the floor and lighter compared to wrought iron. Besides, you wouldn't get much injury with wooden bed frames when you accidentally bump on them.


When shopping for canopy bed frames, pay attention to the overall artistic appeal of the canopy as well as the height. The height of your canopy bed will depend on the height of your bedroom's ceiling and your preferences.

Indeed, canopy bed frames should be your choice when you want to have that elegant and romantic atmosphere for your bedroom.