Bunk Bed Frames

As a family grows, bedroom space becomes smaller and there is a mounting need for additional space. For some, creating a new bedroom excellently resolves space issues. But this may not be applicable to others who have limited means, given that it entails spending a huge amount. However, there is another way to resolve the bedroom space problem; and that is by using bunk bed frames. How do bunk bed frames become the ultimate bedroom space solution? Consider this.

Bunk Bed Frames

Bunk beds are bedroom furniture designed with one bed stacked over the other, thus providing an additional sleeping capacity despite the limited bedroom space. This bed type is commonly used in children's rooms, military barracks, ships, hostels, prison cells, camp cabins and dormitories. Bunk beds allow you to maximize the available bedroom space. What's more, do-it-yourself bunk bed frames are available; perfect for DIY enthusiasts. You can also find them at your local furniture shops. Here are some things you should know when shopping for bunk bed frames.


You can find bunk bed frames made from brass, metal and wood. Wooden frames are carrying a hefty price tag due to their uniqueness and built. Wood such as oak, pine, maple or cherry are used as wooden bed frames. On the other hand, metals are also used for bed frames. In fact, it has been preferred by many because they are more affordable compared to their wooden counterparts. Besides, you can run with your fantasies with metallic bed frames because they can come with sophisticated designs that can effectively add up to the beauty of your bedroom.


Standard features of bunk bed frames include a ladder to get into the upper bunk with railings alongside for safety. Some frames have the ladder built onto the frame at the end of the bed while some has it separated to move around. Besides, some bed frames have features that allow it to be detached from its usual stacked structure.


If you've decided to furnish your children's room with bunk bed frames, then, you must go for the bunk bed type you prefer as well as the features you want for a bunk bed. Remember that bunk beds are chosen to maximize the limited space for additional sleeping capacity; so, a good start is to know the available space the room has. After which, discern the time duration you will use the beds, including the materials you want and the age of the occupants of the bunk beds.


Safety must be on top of your list especially in terms of sleeping arrangements. Make sure that your choice of bunk bed frames are built with safety railings to prevent squirmy sleepers to roll off the bed right in the middle of their sleep. Moreover, you must carefully examine bunk bed frames that are assembled at your home before letting your kids sleep on them to guarantee that the bolts, screws and nuts are fastened and secures. Besides, learn and follow weight limits and safety ratings from the manufacturer of your bunk bed frames to prevent injury and accidents.

Certainly, considering these beforehand will help you decide on the bunk bed frames appropriate for your children's bedroom.