Bed Frames with Storage

Bed frames with storage are some of the finest and wisest choices in home furniture because they are not only functional, but also practical. Imagine a typical platform bed – it consists of a bed frame that is elevated from the ground, with a horizontal, flat and firm surface to hold the mattress in place. Do you see the space under the frame? It holds nothing and serves no purpose at all, except maybe a place where dust can accumulate. The space is wasted. If your room is not as spacious as you'd want it to be, every square inch is important. The wide space under a platform bed can be made useful if you opt for bed frames with storage.

Bed Frames with Storage

What are bed frames with storage?

Bed frames with storage are platform beds with storage space underneath the frame. These beds are also known as mate's or captain's bed, referencing to the limited space for beds and storage in boats or ships. This type of bed does not only serve as a place to catch some z's, but a useful storage facility as well. These beds offer space saving benefits not available in ordinary beds. There are two styles of bed frames with storage- the drawer and the lift.

  • Drawer style- These beds have drawers under the frame, either below the side railings or at the footboard of the bed. These drawers could serve as additional storage space for linens, blankets, towels, books, toys and anything you can think of. Other bed frames with storage have retractable headboards for deeper storage space.
  • Lift style- The large storage space is revealed when the mattress and platform is raised. For ease of use, hydraulic lifts are employed.

Why choose bed frames with storage?

These beds have been proven to be helpful when living in rooms with limited space, such as in apartments, condominiums, shared bedrooms, dormitory rooms and studio apartments. Bed frames with storage not only superbly serves the need for a comfortable place to sleep, but also aids in keeping things organized. You do not need to purchase a separate, humongous cabinet to keep your belongings in. With extra storage under your bed, a smaller cabinet will suffice for keeping your room uncluttered. With bed frames with storage, you can save precious space.

Sizes of bed frames with storage

  • King – This comfortably accommodates two adults and offers roomy storage space underneath. Two to three big drawers are found on both sides of the bed, hence, making it more convenient to organize your things.
  • Queen – This is ideal for smaller master bedrooms. Two adults may share the bed; while there is still ample storeroom with 2 or 3 drawers on either side.
  • Double – Or full size, is good for dorm rooms or teen's bedrooms. It could have 2 small drawers or 1 large drawer on either side.
  • Single – Best for kids' and dorm rooms, this may hold up to 3 small drawers on one side.

Bed frames with storage come in different styles, colors, size, material and finish. You may browse and shop online to determine which one fits your preferences.