Bed Frames with Headboard

Bed frames with headboard, are, strictly speaking, not complete beds. But they do come close. Bed frames with headboard are made up of the bed frame or the bed stead, which is the part of the bed that holds the mattress in place, and elevates the bed from the ground; and a headboard, which is considered a piece of furniture, that is attached to the head of the bed. The headboard retains the pillows and other linens and serves as stand for the bed and the portion of the bed that you can lean on.

Bed Frames with Headboard

Originally, bed frames with headboard were used just for their functionality. This evolved, however, as headboards nowadays are employed for aesthetic purposes. Headboards serve as the main attraction of the bed. The design and style of the headboard draws the attention from the rest of the room to the bed. One may say, that bed frames with headboard dictate how the rooms should be furnished and styled and what the rooms should look like.

Materials for Bed frames with Headboard

Bed frames are generally made out of brass, iron, metal, and wood. While headboards, on the other hand, are crafted from a wider array of materials like metal, leather, wood, fabric, suede and brass, among others. There are two materials more common for bed frames with headboard- iron and brass.

  • Iron – Iron beds have headboards (and footboards) manufactured using iron. Although, steel, make up the frame rails. Iron beds have been in existence since the 1850's. In the modern age, iron beds are made from heavy-gauge steel tubings, cold roll and solid bar stock to make them sturdy and stable. Antique and contemporary designs are available for iron beds.
  • Brass – The headboard and footboard are produced from brass. Steel, still make up the frame rails. The brass used in manufacturing these bed frames with headboard contains 30% zinc and 70% copper. These beds may be produced from pure brass or brass-plated metals.

Brass beds were originally designed to be plain and straightforward. However, the style has evolved into more intricate designs. One can choose from Art deco, traditional, Victorian, Edwardian, transitional and contemporary styles for their brass bed.

Types of Headboard

There are different types of headboard to accompany the bed frame. The following are some of them.

  • Upholstered headboards – These come in an assortment of materials such as suede, microfiber, leather and others. Upholstered headboards amp up the comfort and quality of the bed since the materials, like leather, used is of the highest quality and the padding is durable and strong.
  • Book case headboards – This is a good example of both form and function. This headboard not only serves the typical role of headboards, but provides storage space as well. One may put books, picture frames, lamps and all sorts of things on a book shelf headboard.
  • Sleigh headboard – This type spells elegance and romance. So if you want to enhance the romantic and elegant ambiance of your room, a sleigh headboard is the way to go.

Bed frames with headboard serve as the focal point of a bedroom. Hence, do not be hasty in choosing one. Consider what your style and taste is and how you want your room to look and feel.