Bed Frames with Drawers

If you are looking for a great way to improve the storage space in your bedroom, bed frames with drawers are the answer. The market offers lots of bed frames with drawers; yet it can also be custom-made at your local furniture shop or even make it using DIY approach!

Bed Frames with Drawers

Yes, you can make bed frames with drawers using the do-it-yourself technique. Just imagine making a platform bed frame and simply make a drawer underneath for storage; it is that simple, especially when you have skills in carpentry. The joy you experience from designing and building your bed is very rewarding. Besides, you can build drawers that meet your storage preferences. Certainly, with DIY approach; you can make bed frames with drawers at home. Here's how to get started.

Decide on the bed frame style.

Oftentimes, platform bed frames are the common choice for setting up bed frames with drawers. Some drawers come with roller that runs onto the floor while some have slide drawers. Also, decide on the number of drawers and whether you prefer the drawers to extend along the bed or only halfway; or if you want to have them on both sides. After which, make a sketch and ensure to have the precise mattress dimension as well as the existing bedroom flooring space.

Choose the Wood.

A ¾ inch plywood is a cost-effective choice, although you may also use any type of regular lumber you prefer. Buy enough plywood for the exterior outskirts of the bed frame, for interior support as well as covering on top and bottom of the bed frame. Give allowance for extra lumber in case you make some mistakes. Besides, ready-made drawers are available. Or to be more economical, use drawers from old dresser cabinets. In addition, buy drawer hardware and other essentials like paint, drawer slides, screws, wood glue and the like.

Set-up the necessary tools.

Gather all the needed tools in making your bed frame with drawers project which include the jigsaw, circular saw, router, screwdriver, rivets, electric drill, etc. Sander may also be needed to smoothen the surface for wood finishing.

Construct the bed.

Cut the wood carefully and make two short and long pieces for both sides and ends. Also, cut some pieces for braces and support pieces meant for the storage drawers. With the jigsaw, cut holes for drawers on one longer piece. Then router the bed frame joints. If you wish to have a simpler appearance, miter the edges and attach the exterior pieces together as well as the center pieces for braces. Now, make the drawers by attaching the drawer slides onto the drawers. After which, measure and then match the other drawer slide onto the interiors of the bed frame as well as the brace pieces then attach them. Ensure that drawer slides are properly attached. Next, attach the plywood over the platform bed and then turn it upside down then attach the plywood at the bottom side for added stability. Finally, after trimming, sand the jagged wood edges then put primer and apply paint. Then, affix drawer pulls and put the mattress over the finished bed.

Really then, you can incorporate your carpentry skills and creative side to make a bed frame with drawers. Not only are you able to save money, but the rewards of your hard work and determination are priceless.