Bed Frames Sizes

Your bed could be one of your prized possessions. This is because it is the place where you can rejuvenate your tired and exhausted body. However, when shopping around for bed, bed frames are the foremost consideration. Primarily because they serve to lift the mattresses and box springs off the ground and make a comfy height every time you get in or out of bed. Thus, you must also familiarize bed frame sizes.

Bed Frames Sizes

Bed frames sizes normally overwhelm and even confuse buyers especially the first timers. What's more, it is more challenging when the bedroom has limited space. Hence, it only makes sense that you engage in some measuring task to ensure that you choose the right bed frame for your bedroom. Besides, know that when speaking about bed frames, it is one of the furniture items inside your bedroom that efficiently secures and holds the mattress. Before starting on shopping for bed frames, you'd better equip yourself first with some vital information about bed frames sizes.


When shopping for bed frames, it is very important that they match with the mattresses properly. In most cases, mistakes happen when the bed frames are much bigger against the mattresses or vice versa. In both cases, sleeping is very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very important that you know the different bed frame sizes that correspond to the right mattress.

Different Bed Frame Sizes

Whether you are shopping for wrought iron, brass or wooden bed frame; the bed frame sizes hardly differ for each material. But bed frame size measurement differ with every type of bed sizes such as queen size, king size, double size and full size beds.

  • Queen Size – A queen size bed has a dimension of 60 inches width and 80 inches long. Therefore, the queen size mattress must correspond to the bed frame size as well. Queen size beds can accommodate up to two persons. But for taller individuals, the queen size bed could only contain that one tall person.
  • King Size – As the name denotes, it is the king of all bed sizes. It is the largest bed frame sizes available. King size beds have a dimension of 76 inches width and 80 inches long. But there is a slight difference in the dimensions of king size beds with every manufacturer. California king size beds, for instance, has a dimension of 72 inches width and 84 inches length.
  • Full Size –Take note though that full size beds are also referred to as double size beds. Full size beds are ideal for one person and not the perfect choice for people standing over 5 feet by 5 inches in height. This is because a full size bed only measures 54 inches width and 75 inches long. Although it is not roomy for two people, full size beds are preferred by many because they do not consume huge amount of bedroom space.
  • Twin Size – This is also called a single bed, measuring 39 inches width and 75 inches long. XL twin size beds are available measuring 39 inches width and 80 inches long ideal for tall people.

Now that you already know the different bed frame sizes corresponding to the different types of beds, you are now ready to buy the right bed frame for your bedroom.