Bed Frame FAQs

If you are planning to buy a bed frame, then you must have plenty of questions especially if it is your first time to shop for one. At first glance you may feel overwhelmed as to the wide array of bed frame choices presented in the market. Just like other shoppers, you are probably looking for some bed frame FAQs or frequently asked questions on the internet. Basically, bed frame FAQs are inquiries frequently made by customers when buying bed frames. These FAQs serve as effective guide when shopping for bed frames. Here are some bed frame FAQs.

Bed Frame FAQs

Bed frame FAQs: What are the standard sizes of bed frames?

Bed frames are available in various sizes. The following are the standard dimensions of bed frames:

  • Single or Twin: 39in x 75in
  • Standard / full / double: 53in x 75in
  • Queen: 60in x 80in
  • King or Eastern King: 76in x 80in
  • California King: 72in x 84 in

Bed frame FAQs: Which bed frame size should I buy?

To determine the right bed frame size to use, there are several factors that need to be considered. These include the size of the room and the available space allotted for the bed, the built and the number of people that will sleep on the bed and the amount of bed space needed to make sleeping more comfortable. For instance, if your bedroom space is somewhat limited, then you may opt for queen sized frames. If you're taller than the average, then California king bed frames suit you best.

Bed frame FAQs: What are head and foot boards?

Headboards refer to the attached board on the head of the bed. They usually keep the pillows and they have greatly evolved into ornate statement pieces. On the other hand, footboards refer to the attached board located on the foot of the bed. Oftentimes they are smaller compared to head boards and serves as ornamental head board extensions which prevent the comforters and blankets to slip off the bed.

Bed frame FAQs: What is the difference of a King Size Bed from a California King Size Bed?

They both refer to king sized beds but differ in dimensions. King sized bed refers to standard or regular king sized bed which is 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. While a California king size bed measures 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. As you can see the standard king sized bed is 4 inches wider and shorter compared to California king bed. Therefore, make sure that your bed frame corresponds to the size of your mattress.

Bed frame FAQs: What is Platform Bed Frame?

This refers to the bed frame with supportive slats which are also flexible. The slats work as an excellent framework wherein you need not have box springs. A platform bed frame has a lower bed frame profile which is perfect for contemporary bedroom look.

These are only few of the bed frame FAQS and there are certainly lots of them that can be found online. All you have to do is browse the different furniture online stores to have your answers to bed frame FAQs.