Antique Bed Frames

If you want a classical look for your bedroom, then, antique bed frames will do the trick. Although the classical look are now becoming out of style due to the rise of modern and contemporary bedroom designs, others still prefer the old-fashioned style. In fact, vintage statement keeps coming back over and over again making it a priceless investment. If you are not yet sure whether to go for antique bed frames or not, this article will tackle relevant factors to help you decide if vintage bed frames are right for you.

Antique Bed Frames

Why Choose Antique Bed Frames

Vintage bed frames exude timeless classical elegance found in their aesthetic and decorative elements. You will sometimes find brass-leg antique frames either brass-made or brass-plated. However, iron has long been used for bed framing way back in the middle of 19th century until World War I. This is because iron is superbly durable and has been used for centuries. Aside from its artistic feature and durability, antique bed frames will also make an excellent investment. How so? Well, the value of vintage items continuously grows over time, most especially for higher quality vintage furniture pieces like bed frames.


Majority of the antique bed frames you will find in different antique shops and boutiques are made from iron and wood. People normally have differing preferences on which bed frame material measures up to their taste and requirements. Wood is the finest choice if you are searching for warmth; while iron makes a perfect choice if you are looking for royalty. It is hard to find decent and well preserved wooden bed frames these days and if ever you found one, it is definitely carrying a hefty price tag. On the contrary, iron-made vintage bed frames can be found easily, and is likewise more durable than its wooden counterpart.


Since these bedroom pieces are timeless, it is reasonable to expect that price is also upscale compared to the price range of contemporary bed frames available these days. Given that you're only shopping for a bed frame, but it's totally of no use when the mattress you have do not correspond to the antique bed frame you've bought. So, you will end up buying the bed frame and mattress. Regardless of its material, expect to spend over C$96,000. After all, it's a prized possession for your home.

Caring Tips

Antique bed frames are durable, yet, they also require proper maintenance. If you choose iron-made antique bed frames, then, here are some easy restoration and maintenance tips.

  • Use steel wool in scraping off the rust build-up.
  • Rub off the surface of the metal frame using sand paper until it becomes smooth and clean.
  • Spray some acid solution to completely get rid of the rust build-up.
  • Use metal brush in eliminating the iron phosphate.
  • Apply the surface with metal polish to keep its natural vintage look.

Considering the workmanship and long hours of labor in making these fine bedroom pieces and the fact that they were able to survive centuries; antique bed frames will surely be prized possessions and excellent additions to your haven of tranquility.