4 Poster Bed Frames

If you want to add some elegant touch to your bedroom, 4 poster bed frames perfectly do the job. The bedroom is certainly your haven after a long and stressful day; a cozy furniture piece gives your bedroom a relaxing and comfortable ambiance and helps reduce the stress you've had during the day. Really then, it is very important that you choose your bed well and there are plenty of options available. 4 poster bed frames is the type that will surely spice up your bedroom with elegance and you will sleep like royalty.

4 Poster Bed Frames

In this article, we will consider the design features, materials and styles of 4 poster bed frames.

Design Features

The popularity of 4 poster bed frames dates back to the 15th century in England. These were remarkably heavy, highly crafted oak beds designed with drapes and ceiling. Luxurious 4 poster beds were even adorned with silk drapes and precious stones. However, the design evolved over time from the luxurious designs to contemporary styles prevalent these days. Besides, designs are made to reflect the owner's standing in the society of which those who belong to the upper class have elaborate designs on the carved posts, bases and canopies; the beds of those in the lower class are mainly designed with some decorative facet. Moreover, early designs of 4 poster bed frames had cupboard-like bed frame, intended to give warmth as well as privacy onto the owner. This early design feature paved the way for the development of canopy-style 4 poster bed frames which were made simpler in today's contemporary style.


Early 4 poster bed frames are made from wood or metal but with technological advancement, wrought iron or brass have also been used incorporated with stylish romantic and elegant designs making them more appealing and perfectly work in every bedroom for adults and kids alike. What's more, you could add up some draping to various posts which effectively enhances the appearance of the bed. Metal frames are nicely painted with various colors, of which whites are best for your little girl, while wood frames perfectly work for your little boy's room.


The styles usually vary from what seem to be very simple to very lavish styles. Besides, when choosing wood materials, the color may range from dark wood color to light ones. Wooden styles are the perfect choice if you want the classic 4 poster bed frame style. Even the less luxuriant pieces made from light wood perfectly work on contemporary-styled bedroom which could be further enhanced with the use of modern bedding design with some geometric accent. Moreover, the headboard is the most distinguishing feature of a 4 poster bed frame as it comprises lots of sophisticated and detailed designs.

The main advantage of choosing 4 poster bed frames for your bedroom is their luxurious look which let you sleep like a royalty. Yet, it does not mean that you need to spend extravagantly for this. Cheaper alternatives are available depending on your preferences. Still, the luxurious look that you get from 4 poster bed frames is worth the price.